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GPPE Lottery Paper Roll Separation and Flatten Line

GPPE Lottery Paper Roll Separation and Flatten Line

Because of the high volume of rolls produced on GPPE’s rewinders, a roll processing line is offered to minimize downstream labor requirements. The core tolerances available through modern core production result in core offset in typical rewind applications. For example, a converter running 2.25-inch (57mm) wide POS rolls on a typical 54-inch rewinder can have as much as 3/16-inch (nearly 5mm) of core offset.

With rolls coming off the rewinder at rates of over 100 per minute, an automated solution for this problem is required. The GPPE roll processing line is that solution. This roll processing machine accepts roll sets from the GPPE rewinder, individually separates them, orients them with the core in a vertical position, aligns offset cores using a small press and conveys the finished rolls to further downstream packaging.

Standard Specifications (custom sizes are available)

Maximum Processing Speed (37mm wide rolls)
120 rolls per minute
Minimum Roll Diameter
1.57inches (40mm)
Maximum Roll Diameter
4.33inches (110mm)
Minimum Roll Width
1.46inches (37mm)
Maximum Roll Width
3.54inches (90mm)
Roll Width / Roll Diameter
Ratio <1.25