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GPPE Receipt/Label Paper Core-free Surface Rewinder

GPPE Receipt/Label Paper Core-free Surface Rewinder

Operator responsibilities per cycle: none!

Automation: Core shafts are automatically fed into a sorting unit where they are aligned and staged in the autoloader. Core shafts are automatically transferred to the rewinding station, then the core-free surface rewinding machine cuts the tails, wraps the tails around the rolls, tucks the tails, winds the roll to the desired length, transfers the rolls to the sealing station, seals the tails of the finished rolls, transfers the rolls to an exit conveyor and conveys the rolls outside of the machine.

Standard Features
1. PLC and HMI touch screen.
2. Recipe screens.
3. Diagnostic screens.
4. Automatic acceleration and deceleration calculations based on master roll diameter and material type.
5. Automatic brake puck selection of this fully automatic core-free surface rewinder based on roll diameter.
6. VPN for remote diagnostics.
7. Automatic core shaft insertion system.
8. Automatic tail tucking system for 1/2” to 1” OD cores. (10mm to 25.4mm).
9. Automatic tail cutter.
10. Automatic gluing system (optional tabbing unit is available).
11. Exit conveyor for automatic roll removal of finished rolls.

Production / Cycle Time Estimates
150’ (45 Meters) = 24 Seconds
180’ (55 Meters) = 25 Seconds
328’ (100 Meters) = 35 Seconds

Optional Features
Flexographic printing: it is used for online printing when slitting rolls, paper accumulation buffer keeps the printing nonstop during the cycles gap, up to 4 color on-line printing.

Critical Specifications

Maximum Web Speed (1-Ply)
2300fpm (300mpm)
Maximum Web Width (customer specified)
31.5inches (800mm)
Maximum Unwind Roll Diameter
50inches (1270mm)
Maximum Unwind Roll Weight
3300lbs (1500kg)
Minimum Rewind Diameter (smaller rewind diameter available)
1.50inches (38mm)
Maximum Rewind Diameter
7.08inches (180mm)
Minimum Rewind Shaft O.D.
0.39inches (10mm)
Maximum Rewind Core O.D.
1.0inches (25.4mm)
-border-bottom-alt:0.5000pt solid windowtext;" > Minimum Rewind Core O.D.
0.5inches (12.7mm)
Maximum Rewind Core O.D.
1inches (25. mm)