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Paper Packaging Material Automatic Palletizing Machine

Paper Packaging Material Automatic Palletizing Machine

Downsize your case packing and palletizing areas with a compact case packer and palletizing system. Our automatic palletizing machine arranges boxes and bags in tiers on pallets. In most applications each tier is loaded ninety degrees to the previous tier in order to better stabilize the load. But tier arrangement is programmable by the operator so there are no limitations on how patterns can be made (though very intricate patterns could slow production rates). Our engineers are experienced integrating other OEM equipment into our automatic palletizing line like case erectors, weigh stations, and case labelers providing even higher efficiency.

Striking Features
1. Reduced labor expenditure.
2. Higher rate of throughput - can run 24 hours a day.
3. Improved traceability of products, enabling better tracking and isolation of contaminated products.
4. The automatic palletizing machine meets retail packaging variations like varying pack counts, variety packs, retail ready packages.
5. This automatic palletizing line enjoys greater precision and consistency, minimizing wastage and reducing product loss due to damage.
6. Removal of human interaction in hazardous environments, reducing workplace injuries.