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Linerless label paper production line


High speed automatic production of liner less label roll and liner less roll package. Suitable for production of liner less label rolls.

Printing, slitting, rewinding, packaging can be finished in one line.


Random combinations according to production needs matching the device and function. The production efficiency of the equipment is high, the key components are imported from Japan & Germany, to ensure production stability. Online checking system support , fast after sales service.

Unwinder:1 roll
Unwinder core diameter:76mm
Web width:max.1100mm
Web diameter:max.1000mm
Slitter width: min. 30mm
Rewinder diameter: 32 - 120mm(Fully automatic), 120-180mm(Semi automatic for packaging)
Rewinder core inner diameter:12-25mm
Air supply:≥0.8 mpa
Rewinder Speed:Max.500m/min, 35 sconds/cycle(65meter rolls thermal paper rolls)