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POS/ATM Paper Production Line
  • POS-ATM-Paper-Rewinder

    POS/ATM Paper Rewinder

    Automatic acceleration and deceleration calculations based on master roll diameter and material type....

  • POS-ATM-Paper-Flexographic-Printing-Machine

    POS/ATM Paper Flexographic Printing Machine

    This in-line flexographic printing press can be used for a wide variety of roll products: point of sale, ATM, lottery ticket, airline boarding passes, counter, butcher, newsprint, roof underlayment, home and auto masking, pressure sensitive labels, and so forth....

  • POS-ATM-Paper-Roll-Processing-Line

    POS/ATM Paper Roll Processing Line

    This servo roll processing machine accepts roll sets from the GPPE rewinder, individually separates them, orients them with the core in a vertical position, aligns offset cores using a small press and conveys the finished rolls to further downstream packaging....

  • POS-ATM-Paper-Roll-Packaging-Line

    POS/ATM Paper Roll Packaging Line

    This L-seal wrapping machine is designed to process from 1 to 10 rolls per pack. A pack can be arranged with 1 to 2 rows....

  • POS-ATM-Paper-Automation-Line

    POS/ATM Paper Automation Line

    This is an automatic case packer designed to process from 20 to 100 rolls per carton pack. Cartons with different sizes can be packed without manual adjustment....